How to make purchases: the Imco Cooking System Party

Going to a Party is the only way to buy Imco Cooking System products: we strongly believe in the unrivalled quality of our products and we want to demonstrate this in your home, so that you can receive personalised information and tips, to ensure you have the possibility of making a completely aware choice.

What can I do at an Imco Cooking System Party?

At a Party you can:

  • Try products with no obligation to buy
  • Learn more about all Imco Cooking System products
  • Receive useful tips and have all your questions answered
  • Order and receive the products you want to buy directly from your home


How can I take part in an Imco Cooking System Party?

You can go to a Party organised by someone you know, and it’s free. Or you can host a Party (also free) organised by Imco Cooking System at your home and receive a welcome gift

Would you like to know more?

Contact us to receive more information on the Imco Cooking System Party and the gift that is waiting for you!