Dream Party

Are you interested in our products? Book a free IMCO Dream Party now, and see for yourself how fast, healthy and delicious cooking is with IMCO. To book a Dream Party, complete the registration form below.

Book a Dream Party

What happens at a Dream Party

After completing the form, we will arrange an IMCO Dream Party just for you!
You can choose whether to host the event at home or opt for an IMCO Dream Party online.

During the Show, you can try our products and prepare some healthy, quick and nutritious recipes along with your IMCO Consultant. There is no obligation to buy.

To thank you for your time, you will receive an exclusive gift. If you wish, your IMCO Consultant can provide you with a custom offer at the end of the Show, based solely on your requirements.

Advantages of taking part in a Dream Party

  • You will discover how different and easy it is to cook with IMCO;
  • You can take a closer look at our products before deciding to buy them;
  • You will receive professional advice tailored to you;
  • You will receive an exclusive gift.