Organic Cosmetics

Imco Natural Care, because Eco-Biological and not “natural” Cosmetics.

The natural word usually refers to all those cosmetics that do not contain industrial chemical components and which do not necessarily come from organic farming.
Often we tend to confuse natural with organic in reality the difference is enormous. First of all, the so-called “natural” products do not have to undergo strict controls because currently there are no world-wide standards governing the use of the word “natural”.
It is completely different for cosmetics that use the definition of “organic” that instead must necessarily undergo the control of an authorised body to be certified according to international community regulations.
In Italy, the organic production method is governed by Reg CE / 834/2007 which defines the production standards, the raw materials used, the control and certification, the import from third countries, but in particular the labelling, is it is important to remember that the label must report the authorised body that did the check and the certification and the authorisation code must always be included on the label.
Natural therefore does not necessarily mean biological. The organic production method considers the entire agricultural ecosystem exploits the natural fertility of the soil, promotes biodiversity, excludes the use of GMOs and tries to protect the environment, people and

Why Organic and Ecological Cosmetics?

They are healthy and natural products, free of chemical substances harmful to humans, animals and the environment, through strict and scrupulous controls on all the ingredients and on the finished product.
Rigorous dermatological and microbiological tests guarantee pure and skin-compatible ingredients, best suited to sensitive intolerant and allergic skin, using mostly practical and ecological bottles.


Icea is an AUTONOMOUS ENT certification that certifies the quality of products through strict and scrupulous controls on all the ingredients and on the finished product.
In a market that increasingly rewards BIO cosmetics, ICEA certified less than 300 companies in Italy and 3,000 products.
The ICEA certification is internationally accredited and is equivalent to the most important European BIO cosmetics brands.