IMCO Waterless cooking systems

The good reasons for choosing IMCO Waterless

Hard to answer, because just one is worth a hundred:
protecting the health and thus happiness of the entire family, rediscovering the joy of eating well with more wholesome tastes and aromas.

You also can be certain by choosing an IMCO WATERLESS unit that this cooking system will not become out-of-date, because current food science knowledge make it possible to define waterless and fatless cooking as difficult to supersede.

Well-being backed by technology: the IMCO Waterless cooking system

It is not just a set of pots, but a new cooking system able to revolutionise cooking and family life and to provide the best you could want in terms of rational food preparation, with lifelong warranty.
The method Imco Cooking System proposes is based on a simple idea: foods already contain a quantity of moisture and can be cooked without adding water or fat if an IMCO Waterless cooking unit is used.

Significant results can be obtained with IMCO Waterless since the food is:

  • HEALTHIER because vitamins and minerals remain almost completely intact and meat is roasted with no additional fats;
  • TASTIER because natural aromas are not destroyed;
  • MORE APPEALING because the colour and volume is the same.

IMCO Waterless cooking units

IMCO Waterless production is not linked to a fixed set of models, but is enhanced with new ideas each year. Thus those who possess a set can expand it and making their kitchenware more and more complete.

The vastness of the IMCO WATERLESS product line is also able to meet any gourmet need in terms of imagination and personal tastes, helping to rediscover the taste of good cooking. This encourages the creativity and search for different pleasures in a period where everything conspires to standardise and become the same, a considerable result if it is true that one of the reasons for so many neuroses is the elimination of age-old culinary pleasures.

All of the cooking units are resistant up to 220°C, with thermal ergonomic handles and external mirror finish, and are naturally Made in Italy. IMCO Waterless products are covered by a Lifetime Warranty from Imco Cooking System.

All of our units bear the CE mark: this mark guarantees traceability of the quality of the steel used, the production lot, date of production and conformity for use without danger for the unit. An additional guarantee on your “protected” purchase

Stainless Steel

IMCO WATERLESS cooking units are built in the best superalloy CrNi 18 10 stainless steel, incomparable for its hygiene quality and unalterable over time: no risk of chemical layers detaching from them which are harmful to health. However, steel has a defect, heat is not distributed uniformly and it does not hold heat well thus food burns easily and there is significant energy dispersion.

Special Bottom

This problem has been solved by Imco Cooking System with the creation of a special bottom, applied on the IMCO WATERLESS units, thanks to a special processing of a steel grade produced just for us, able to rapidly and uniformly distribute heat and maintain it even much more than the bottoms of other normal pots, so much so that cooking continues even after the cooking unit has been removed from its heat source.

Here are some models of our cooking system

Place the mouse over the images and click to zoom and view just a few of our models

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