IMCO Dreaming Life sleeping solutions

Sleeping or resting on an IMCO DREAMING LIFE system is the ultimate rest experience for your mind and body. 

The importance of sleeping correctly

A few important tips and remarks
on how to improve your daily sleep
and relax in a healthy, hygienic and correct manner.

Bedstead and Mattresses

The fact that in the past bedsteads were too soft and gave
way has led to the incorrect belief that the harder the bed
the better it is for your health. If you sleep on your back,
a hard mattress puts too much pressure on your heels, calves,
buttocks, back, neck and elbows.
Since circulation is blocked you get the feeling that you need
to change position often and rolling over often during the night
means the quality of your sleep will not be excellent 

An ergonomic frame, the key to top quality sleep

A frame is valid when it is built entirely in wood,
with no metallic parts and has suspensions differentiated
for the load and flexible slats: since they are flexible
and separate from each other, they shape to the body
following natural curves.

In addition, ergonomic support means
good mattress ventilation,
which allows body perspiration to be released to the air.

Each one of our models complies with the strictest
standards in terms of ergonomic quality and more:
like a couture dress, our ergonomic frame can be
completely planned to measure thanks to the adjustments
present on all our models

There are slats with normal flexibility where the head is supported;
independent soft suspensions along the spinal cord section, which gives where the spinal cord is convex (dorsal kyphosis); if you sleep on your side, they support the shoulder on the bottom.

The slats with the special “seagull wing” conformation correctly support the shoulders both in supine and side positions.

The slat placed at the lumbar region can be adjusted in height; it is extremely useful for maintaining the correct lumbar lordosis (concave curvature) when sleeping in a supine position. The same slat keeps the lumbar vertebrae in line when sleeping on your side, preventing the spinal cord from taking on a lumbar scoliosis position; when you sleep in the prone position, they prevent an excessive increase of the lumbar lordosis. 

The independent suspensions follow anatomical curves at the buttocks.
Lastly, at the lower limbs, the slats have a medium flexibility, like those which support the head.

Our products are also classified as “Medical healthcare devices”

Our products are part of the class 1 Medical Healthcare Devices and are registered with the Italian Ministry of Health. 

Each one of our CE certified Medical HealthcareDevices comes with a specific identification plateas required by law 

Mattresses and pillows for a perfect sleep

To obtain the best results, the IMCO DREAMING LIFE sleep systems go perfectly with the frame which supports them, in order to adapt to the physiological curves, and provide the right counterforce to the body’s curves: in this manner blood circulation is not obstructed and consequently you do not feel the need to change position often or roll over. However, this normally only occurs on a bed like ours because it improves complete muscle relaxation. 

The function of the pillow is also very important because it acts as the support for the most delicate part of the spinal cord, the cervical region: this area must support the vertebrae maintaining the cervical physiological lordosis in order to guarantee correct posture even while sleeping or resting.

Our pillows are made of breathable and ergonomic materials for an even more comfortable support of the cervical region.

Blankets and accessories made with the best raw materials

The dream life you’ve always imagined to guarantee stress free sleep thanks to accessories made exclusively with top quality material, with fabrics and wools certified at a European and international level

Il tessuto rispetta i requisiti  umano – 
ecologici  attualmente in vigore, nel  rispetto
dei criteri stabiliti dalla legislazione europea.

I nostri prodotti impiegano solo pura lana
vergine, cioè esclusivamente lana nuova di 
tosa,mai usata per altri fini nè rigenerata 
da stracci o da precedenti  lavorazioni.

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